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Muhammad Ali Home Place

Renovation of the home place of boxing legend, Muhammad Ali









Green Building Architect (fer) Studio Designing St. Francis School’s New Athletic Facility

Peters Construction Company, green construction specialists in Louisville, KY; are once again bringing their vision and expertise to life with a new gymnasium in Oldham County.

St. Francis School is going Green.

Of course, the school’s Goshen campus already is about as green as it gets, sitting on 64 acres of Oldham County fields.

Now, the newest building on that campus will be more environmentally friendly than the one it replaces.

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Mercer Countians Honored with Environmental Award

From left to right: Tim Peters, Augusta Brown Holland and Lois Mateus were recently honored with 2013 Sutherland Environmental Preservation Award.

nulu-at-duskPreservation Kentucky to Honor Gill Holland, Augusta Brown Holland, Tim Peters, Lois Mateus and Whiskey Row

Preservation Kentucky
will honor several Louisvillians at its Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony including: Gill Holland and Augusta Brown Holland as well as their partner in NuLu, developer Tim Peters.

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idaleewillisRecipients of the 2012 Ida Lee Willis Memorial Preservation Award – June 1, 2012

In May of 2012, TC Peters Construction was awarded the prestigious Ida Lee Willis Memorial Preservation Award, which recognizes outstanding examples of restoration or rehabilitation of historic buildings, or other types of projects that have had a positive impact on Kentucky’s built environment.

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Harrodsburg's Fixer UppersHarrodsburg’s Fixer Uppers – April 23, 2011

In 2011, Tim Peters and Lois Mateus were profiled by the Advocate Messenger as “Harrodsburg’s Fixer Uppers”, in an article profiling recent projects throughout Kentucky, as well as Peters’ work in LEED Platinum Certified Construction.

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What Have You Seen In Other Cities’ Downtowns That Could Work Here? – April 26, 2010

An interview with Tim Peters and other local leaders about potential improvements to downtown Louisville being modeled in different parts of the country. Tim recommends looking to Milwaukee, Wis, which has recently began to thrive once again after being in decline in the 1960s.

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Wayside Christian Mission’s ArticleCreative Hub Destined For Wayside Buildings – 7/21/2008

The purchase of Wayside Christian Mission’s properties will be a catalyst for East Market Street to coalesce into a destination for Louisville’s emerging creative class; a hub for the arts, cuisine, locally produced food, the green building movement, commerce and retail.

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LEED Certified PlatinumThe Green Building: A Case Study in Louisville, Kentucky

On March 13, 2006, my wife Augusta and I bought a 110 year-old warehouse building (photo of front of building here) in the slightly run-down, but (we felt) up-and-coming East Market District in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. A month later on April 27, we emailed our architect Doug Pierson at Form Environment Design (FER), saying we wanted to go for official LEED certification. We knew we had lots of green ideas, but were just learning about this certification. We figured it was like dieting: if one is going to diet, one should not be scared to get on the scale.

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